WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. Somali YouTuber accuses two Somali boys of setting her up to get arrested.

:trumpsmirk:that hippie wall tapestry told me everything I needed to know in a few seconds. Every chick with that in there house is a 304. Guaranteed :samwelcome:
I mentally check out soon as I spot a wall tapestry or a Himalayan salt lamp in a girl's room looool
Hey! What's wrong with nose rings loool?

I love nose rings.
They're fine if you're under 25, it's a big yikes after that :heh:
Tattoos, piercing and weird glasses frames basically scream "I'm unstable, JUST LOVE ME DAD!"
Our people have picked up some bad habits like we needed any more. I'm surprised the justice system didn't sentence them all to a mandatory minimum sentence. I don't believe her case of "wrong place, wrong time".
She was in a car with her friend, her friend’s brother and the brother’s friend. She was in the back with the friend and the two brothers were in the front of the car. The one in the back has a gun he was playing with and it went off shooting the brother in the passenger seat. Anyways the guy with the gun ran off in fear and police determined that the shots came from the back seat. But the two brothers denied anyone else was in the back seat and said she was the only one there and wrote statements against her. So she got arrested and charged
As she should, who told her to ride around with random guys, dumbass


Hakuna matata
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I don’t believe her story reason?

this girl is quran xafid, but makes her own tasfirs of the quran to suite her life style.
She believes in Zodiac signs and does tarot reading aswell.
She is clearly mentally ill. I seen her before. She claims to be gay Muslim and had clubhouse discussion calling out gaalo Somalis. She accepts everything except gaalnimo lol
lol shes batshit crazy. last time i heard from her she left islam and was into tarot , sprituality so am happy to see that shes a muslim again .