Somali Uber driver in hell-hole UK buries his Gus N a chick's mouth, told "I have HIV", cries

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Saalax Bidaar

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:ileycry:Wtf the trial Is ongoing. He is not found guilty of anything. That drunk was lying as far as I am concerned


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As a rule avoid having sex with drunk women. Once this girl got me worked up but changed her mind half way through, after trying to plead with her I just gave up and told her she's drunk I won't force her. She hugged me and said I was a good person


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I gues his wife is either one fucking fat nippo or he is divorced.

Seriously, there is still no evidence. He is only accused. I hope its false.
I give the brother benefit of the doubt.

We live in a time where liars are believed.
i used to drive uber during weekends and the amount of times i was nearly sexually assulated by female passengers was too much..
i drunk white chicks see it as a challenge to seduce their uber driver, its a thing now a new fetish..

ofcourse i kept little abdi in my pants and did not let him out..
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