Somali military power anno 1977

Ed Somali:

The fact that the Cuban and Ethiopian forces were unable to capture large parts of the Ogaden including major cities from the Somalis until the end of 1980, 3 years after they were captured shows how logistical constraints affected both armed forces.

The reality is Somali army was defeated in 1980. Somalia was not a serious military threat to Ethiopia after 1982.

WSLF and SALF ceased to exist after 1977 debacle.

Check out these CIA links:


This document probes Somali army was very weak in 1982 and was not match for Cuban and Ethiopian troops. Siad Barre did not have the capacity to attack Ogaden again, even somali territory was captured by Ethiopia in 1982 (Balambale and Goldogob).

but in 1977 the cia said somalia was strong enough to take on Ethiopia and will likely win as haile Selassie did not invest in the army and maryams revolution also dented their economy for a while

siure by 1984 we had massive inflation, thanks again to siad barres ignorant of economics laws, he banned and nationalised all industries from the private sector except for the ones taken by, stolen by or given to few reer badiyo marehans due to tribal affiliations, example, despite banning private sugar industry, he said barre nationalised it and then gave it as a monopoly to one marehan man, i remember my grandad telling me between 1980 and 1985 they barely saw sugar, he said we used to have itching due to a lack of sugar and other Vitamins siad barre banned as imports and those made were given to marehan who jacked up the price or destroyed supply as they could not run it due to ignorance,
This is an interesting theses about WSLF and other insurgencies in Ethiopia.

Insurgency in Ethnically Divided Authoritarian-led Societies: A Comparative Study of Rebel Movements in Ethiopia, 1974-2014

Page 224

Shut out of any possibility of extricating themselves from the Somali government’s iron fist, the SALF and the WSLF—once the most visible forces in eastern Ethiopia—were rendered obscure by the mid-1980s. Their demise—partly caused by excessive dependence on a power that radically changed its anti-Mengistu rhetoric and behavior after its defeat in a war with the military regime—illustrates the important lesson that autonomy is a crucial factor for the survival of a rebel group and the durability of its insurgency.

Both insurgencies (WSLF and SALF) were crushed by Ethiopia. An historical fact.
Are you telling me Our Valiant Somali National Army caused the gentleman serious mental breakdown

You are very funny. I feel sad because Somali army was defeated by Cuba and Soviet Union.


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