Somali man becomes the new mayor of Ealing, London

My people I know them very well, I said sorry for what my people done to you. How many people died? RIP my friend laughed at me and said why are you saying sorry for, so I asked what conditioners you got on your hair? I need that, their hair is immaculate you cannot touch that unless you’re moi that hair like them.
Big Up the Sri Lakan community ❤❤
Hawiye diaspora is not a "diaspora", we are economic migrants. Thats why we don't need to enter local politics and shit.

The others are refugees who were chased out of the country. This is their home.
thanks for chasing them from mogadishu. hawiye are the rightful owners of xamar.
He was the councillor of Acton Central which is MJ stronghold, but I reckoned he’s from somaliland since he has been living there since the 70s.