Somali girl turning son gay smh


F*ck Your Feelings
Anything to go viral smh. Poor baby lol.

And she is not gonna turn him gay, that's not how it works. That's her nephew not son. If she was my sister and that was my son I'd smack her upside the head and never leave her alone with my kid tho.
Nacalaa I can’t even the process the video, she should be beaten by her sister for the disrespect.

Wallah tiktok is rotting the youngins minds. The amount of degenerancy by SOMALIS is sky high, atleast before somalis had shame before posting anything online now thats gone
Send her to the gulag.
Somali women love to try to emasculate Somali Men as we are the last ones standing.

Jareeerr Men are cross dresses and khaniis.

Asian Men are feminine make up wearIng boy bands.

BLM Xalimos hate the fact that we are not Gay, Feminine or that our forefathers were not slavess so will do everything in their power to try and change that. That’s why you have to the likes of Akafi.
This is what happens when you got no father ( who is active) in your life, I bet my left hand that the girls is fatherless. Another casualty by broken homes.