Somali gabar comes out of the closet.

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You're projecting your insecurity on others. It's common for gay insecure people to accuse others of what they hate about themselves. Someone who's gay and hates it will call others gay.

You didn't trigger me. You can't trigger anything or anyone.
I triggered you to the point you're making shit up. I'm not into fish tacos, will never be.

#Triggeredkhaniis on the loose.


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They're everywhere sxb get used to it. The OP is a queer and hates it, hence why she follows gays on twitter and is "against them".

Nah they're not everywhere, they're just loud and annoying:pachah1:
A Girl says I'm sexually active & she's a hoe, no remorse. A lesbo says I rug munch & shes brave & gets a standing ovation:mjlaugh:

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Geeljiire threatens her.

I don’t blame him, she came for his dead sister



f*ck you im from Mudug
Lacnatulaahi caleyk i hope someone kills her with rocks, she cant disrespect a dead sister like that fucking qoumu luud . May she burn in hell aamin yaa rabb yaa allaah give her a thousand STDs yaa allaah dont give her children yaa allaah make her life short and painful aamiin yaa rabb


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Somali twitter girls congratulating her as expected. Yaaaas queen slayy :chrisfreshhah:

This picture is just too perfect to describe Somali girls on Twitter :drakelaugh:
It's always the fat obese ugly ones that are the loudest even those cheering her on

When was the last time you saw a slim healthy looking person engage in this or even be a cheerleader ?

Being Fat and obese results in ugliness, which results in intense hatred, it's a natural cycle

The nastiest people I ever met in this world were of that phenotype
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