Somali gabar comes out of the closet.

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Oh hell no!!!

What the hell is happening to Somalis, first gay ashy Abdis, tranny ashy Abdis and now Khaniis xalimo.

@Steamdevolopment is this you nayaa?

So you're telling me I'm no longer safe even in segregated Somali weddings, I've to watch my back while dancing to marka 15 Jirey! :gucciwhat::nahgirl:

Look at this hijabi co-signing this shit.


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Wait hold up?

So I'm a lesbian? When did I become a lesbian?

Did I trigger you Khaniis?

You're projecting your insecurity on others. It's common for gay insecure people to accuse others of what they hate about themselves. Someone who's gay and hates it will call others gay.

You didn't trigger me. You can't trigger anything or anyone. You've been "engaged" for years and couldn't trigger an erection from your "fiancé", hence why you're not married.
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