Somali Fools enriching the Asian Businesses

You talking about weddings, we have huge mall here in MN that's known as the Somali mall because every store is occupied by a Somali and 98% of the customers are Somalis but guess who owns the mall? An Arab dude, who treats them like shit. Some big shot Somali guy once tried to open a mall but he didn't get any support from the people.
Really I thought tha mall of karrel is somali owned

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
there is a similar mall in San Diego. It is called safari market.
I use to always wonder how come I don't see as many wealthy Somali. I saw these Somali stores so I thought business was booming and everyone had Guap. But then I started seeing some shops close down and then I started to realize that they weren't making as much money as I thought.
Most Somali stores only usually target Somalis only. Maybe that's the reason some close down cause they only target Somalis.
Our food is good but not many non Somalis know how good our food is. Like the Asians for example. Non Vietnamese people eat Vietnamese food, non Chinese and etc


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