Somali females are worst of the worst

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Are trying to tell me I cannot speak Somali?
Nope, I never said that. I intended that video for another thread and posted here by mistake.

Now back to you: (1) Are you a Somali? (2) We clearly see you're a SJW, so can you tell us why did you embrace that trend? (3) If you're a Somali, why are you hanging around on AA forums?


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Half-Time do not try to be an agent provocateur in the Anti-SJW movement. Do not make the Somali upholders look like a bunch of disgruntled dudes. That isn't who we are. We are a group of men and women. We have one prime objective - to offer a counter narrative to the SJW, that exploit victim hood and culturally beg any downtrodden group, yet deviate from their own people. Do you know what they do? They antagonize Somalis collectively and blame them for many social ills. Little do these foolish folks realize they are making themselves complicit/culpable in their own nations collapse even though most are post-war babies.:heh: These people are inadvertently demonizing themselves and "they don't even know it." Methinks they feel bad about minority groups in Somalia that's why they extend a hand in every direction, yet neglect to give themselves any assistance. That sounds like pathological giving mixed in with self-inflicted masochism.
They a qasaroo

Especially ones In the west

They want a 20,000 dollar mehr
a 40,000 aroos

They post more about arab problems than SOMALI problems

Why please tell me why?

Why are our women so lost and misguided
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