Somali Architecture

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“By the end of 1909 the Daraawiish had moved to Caday-Dheero then two years later they moved to Dameero and later to Taleex. At Taleex, the heart of the Nugaal valley, the Daraawiish reunited and started to build their most strategic garrisons. Taleex was a strategic place as it was the centre between Hawd (Haud), the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Majeerteen Sultanate, the Hobyo Sultanate and British Somaliland. It was abundant in water and pasture. There the Daraawiish built four garrisons:[lxxii] Silsilad could take two thousand fighters and five thousand animals, Falaad was the executive mansion for the Sayid and his advisers, Daawad was for guests and Eegi or Daar-Ilaalo was made as outpost for the xarun.

Simultaneously the Daraawiish built seven other forts for the defence of Taleex.[lxxiii] These garrisons were situated at between 10 to 40 miles from Taleex and were named Daar-cad, Gacal-guule, Xalin, Dhumay, Geeda-mirale, Cawshaan and Nuguul. Outside Nugaal, the Daraawiish built 23 garrisons employed to guard the headquarters from British Somaliland, the Majeerteen and Hobyo sultanates, the Italians and Abyssinians.[lxxiv] They extended from Qardho to Jarriiban in the east, from Jiidali, Cirshiid and Shimbibiris in the north, from Kiridh and Qorraxay in the west (Western Somaliland) and from Beled‑weyne and Shilaabo in Italian Somaliland. "

From Toghdeer, to Sanaag, to the Indian Ocean(Eyl) to Hiiraan.
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