Somali Albinos face attacks and rejection in Somali refugee camps in Dadaab

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"You are your best thing"
Like @AussieHustler mentioned lack of education is what we suffer from, Somalis are the same people who chase and taunt mentally ill individuals, it’s pretty disgusting how xoolo like some of us are:farmajoyaab:

You are right this is happening all across Africa but that doesn't mean that they should be abused by their fellow Somali Muslims. What does Islam say about it? This is exactly how mentally ill people are treated by other Somali children. Who teaches them? Where are the morality and good conduct about the Islam that you preach? You guys consider yourselves to be British, Canadian, American in one generation but deny these Somali Bantus their Somaliness who lived in Somalia for many, many generation. Imagine if the discussion was about autism and Somali children and every American is making fun, ridiculing and insulting these children and saying they are foreigners, you will be screaming racism, Islamphobia and whatever. A society is judged by how they treat their children, women and minorities and so far, we are in the savages bracket. You guys love to cry for the Palestinians because they are Muslims, but in uniformity, despise the Somali Bantu Muslims.
Respect the human dignity of all people and especially those who were born different to us is a universal value that nomadic savage clans lack. Then, they claim to be a moral society because they “are Muslims”. They can’t tolerate one another because of clan differences, will they tolerate others? The cursed people.


I've seen cadaan albinos, and I've seen madow albinos in real life. I have never seen Asian albinos or Somali albinos, ever. It's not scientific, obviously.

It probably exists in ethnic Somalis, but perhaps at a much lower frequency than in Eastern Bantus.

Somehow Eastern Bantus have high frequency of albinism. (Allele frequencies differ per population).

So you are both right and wrong.

do you have any evidence to back up this random claim?

He is both right and wrong. Somali Albinos are more likely to be Bantu admixed because of high frequency of Albinism in Eastern Bantus, but the trait also exists in ethnic Somalis, but is extremely extremely rare.
Too many suugo scientists.

I've seen cadaan albinos, and I've seen madow albinos in real life. I have never seen Asian albinos or Somali albinos, ever. It's not scientific, obviously.

World’s first albino model Connie Chiu on growing up in Kowloon and diversity on the catwalk.

A refugee from Hong Kong’s bright sun, Chiu left for Sweden. She recalls the chance inquiry to Jean Paul Gaultier that brought an invitation to model his haute couture collection in Paris, and kick-started her career in fashion.


Connie Chiu has been working as a model since the early 1990s. The Hongkonger has albinism meaning she has an absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Photo: Ellis Parrinder

Connie Chiu has fond memories of growing up in one of the hundreds of flats on a housing estate in Kowloon in the 1970s. She lived there until she was seven years old, when she moved to Sweden to escape Hong Kong’s intense sun.

Chiu has albinism and was the world’s first fashion model with the condition. Albinism means she has an absence of pigment in her skin, hair and eyes, causing a pale look and a sensitivity to light.


After walking in a fashion show for her sister, Chiu realised she loved modelling. She has never looked back..

“I loved standing on our balcony [in Kowloon] in the summer evenings when the popular soap opera [of the time] came on TV,” says Chiu, who will not reveal her age. “I loved the fact that all those families were doing the same thing at exactly the same time.

“I had a vague notion that people lived busy lives, hard lives, but at that moment they belonged to the same community appreciating the same TV show.” Since then, Chiu has lived all around the world, but is currently based in Europe.

The Somali albino can't even go to the mosque to pray in peace without being harassed, abused and accused that his or her abti cursed them to become albinos. That is a difference between a civilised and a savage society.
Why no Somali albinos from Djibouti, Jigjiga, Hargeisa, Erigabo, Las Anod etc places with combined millions of ethnic Somalis..

All of them from the South. I'm suspicious of their ancestry.
He's clearly ethnically Bantu. Many of the Bantu in Somalia are originally from places like Tanzania where its a lot more common than most places in the world.

I've also never seen or heard of an albino (ethnic) Somali, probably extremely rare like you've said.
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