So...who coined the term ""?

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is what you are though, you're stuck in a stage of denial.
Oh many memories.

Anyone remember Mad Max/Steeler? :D
I wonder where that old fucker is, he got banned from somnet for cursing religion too much. He fought Habir Gedir and lost friends in the 1992 mission. He had the most epic stories & insults. Best character on the internet in the 2000s.
Those years were definitely the peak of Somali message boards. That guy was an incredible character. It went downhill when the 90s babies got internet access.

Merchant of Mogadishu

From Pella to Pattala, then back to Babylon
is a horrible term that only self haters use.

I have coined the term, "Muh Qabiil" Syndrome, for people who suffer from that terrible disease of qabyaalad.


So much depends upon a red wheel barrow.
I am almost entirely positive a Somali made this term.

Damn. If thats true I'm even more disgusted.

That person needs a beating of a lifetime for spawning a term that encompasses self hatred that some Somalis are apparently so comfortable using against fellow Somalis.

Worthless individuals who're stealing oxygen.
White supremacists actually. I first saw it on reddit and then caught wind of the fact that it was stormfront lingo.

So when I saw it here I was surprised.
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