self hate

  1. Manafesto

    Somalilanders in Hargeisa celebrate Netherland King's birthday for recognition and show solidarity with the deceased Dutch king

    What the hell man? Why do Somalilanders are always worshiping) celebrating these foreign GAALO kings and queens? There is even Islamic sheikhs on this event. I guess these folks would do anything for an recognition and to grab the white Men's attention, instead of raising funds for Waheen...
  2. SonOfMaverick

    TRIGGER WARNING If Given a Option Would You Change Your Ethnicity?

    I know its not possible, but if it was I definitely would in a heartbeat. It’s not that I hate being a Somali, but I wouldn’t mind belonging to a different ethnic group. Perhaps one were the people are not islamic extremists or tribalistic. If I had to pick I would choose Brazilian. Beautiful...
  3. Farabuuto

    Twitter offended at lady's husband and use of Diana cream (?)

    So this lady was offended at the Akali guy for making light fun of Bengalis and she says this.... apparently she's been coonin before: Some people are saying she put Diana on her face...
  4. CaliTedesse

    Why do so many Somalis in diaspora hate themselves

    Why do they think it is cool to not know their own language. This rat thinks it's cool to not know your own language I mean if you tweet Somali stuff for so long surely you must've once thought *damn I need to learn my language*. So many shameful Somalis in the diaspora.
  5. Blackarotto


    Once again these BLM xalimos try to further sully our name. What type of cattle minded people make a post on a website in order to diss their own race. :faysalwtf::farole: Here have a read at what the hoolo has to say about us :noneck:
  6. Zach

    Self hating!

    Can someone define “self hating so and so” like what does that mean? Cuz first time I heard that I thought that person is suicidal like but apparently it means you hat your race. But when is someone called “self hating”?
  7. Gadiid

    So...who coined the term ""?

    Them and any Somali using using it needs to get knocked tf out. Bruv, I've heard others say it for a while now, but I was bloody surprised to see Somalis use it, like what? You like being coons now? Wallahi, every time I read the term and find out it's a Somali posting it.. Have some self...