So this SJW business...

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So the SJW are plotting for domination of the Somali narrative on the inter-web and TheMightyNomad is trying to foil their plans. It appears he is is succeeding and has recruited the A-Team of #SoomaliBaanAhay . Every unfollow the enemy has and every converted SJW to the right cause is a step towards progress soomaha. :win:

Don't age yourself walaal :hemad:

Vice, that tells you a lot about their immaturity,the key to having a healthy discourse is accepting people in the world will always have different opinions to you.
Self-righteous, hypocritical prick


Habar Magaadle
:what1: :urgh: You misunderstood me. Zubeir is as intolerant as any of these "SJWs" and I'm just calling out the holier-than-thou bullshit routine he's famous for
You're one of the repetitive folk who say this as a form of critique against me, but when i say bring forth an example of my SJW-like behaviour, you don't have anything to display. :draketf:
Please please everyone should definitely bombard her with tweets with those above screenshots. This chick is the most two faced hypocritical SJW ever.

Alright ill assemble and send messages to team soomaalli baan ahay to bombard her twitter mentions with screenshots.
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