SMART MAN! SL Lawyer who represented two drunk Canadian xalimos goes to Addis & says “take me Canada

Somaliland has a unique history of torturing female prisoners. Let's not forget about the pet Nigerian they used to threaten poet Nacima Abwaan Qorane with rape. Nowhere else in the country does this happen.
I would love to torture her gently but i have been beaten to the quest



In the states u cant say you are gay seeking asylum if u r not. They will test you. 4 Nigerians were deported back home, they claimed they were gay. During a random interview, they were put in a room and shown gay porn. They were asked to stand up. None of them was aroused. They were grabbed by the ears and deported back to Lagos.
And he goes there and visits his cousins who live in Hargeysa, a city he hates with "angry people". And he pays entry visa to a country he claims doesn't exist and prays for its destruction online. Next time he goes he should take a skiff boat from wherever he is to laas qoray and enjoy the services his great subclan offers:salute:
I dont pay entry visas.
I dont call for their destruction. Dhulka waa somalia. Dadka waa somaali.
Now fuck off