SL NEWS: what are the reasons of political corruption not being exposed in Somaliland ?

The same reason as the rest of the third world, spineless citizens happy to take it from the back.

This is why the recent public protests by the NISA soldiers and those before are excellent developments happening in Somalia, people demanding their inalienable rights in public unashamed.

In the past they would go and extort the people and engage in other criminal enterprises which includes isbaaro for there daily bread.

As a result the people suffered immensely from this blowback while the corrupt elite who embezzled their funds go unharmed and unashamed.

This of course attracts more and more parasites officials because the loot is enormous and the accountability none existent.

Could you imagine what would happen in the west if soldiers and public servants were not paid and what they would do if the check didn't come through on time?