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Walaal, I studied it and I grew up with elders who believed in natural cures like xabadsowda and malab. My mum is slim and gave birth to 7 kids, my ayeyo is even slimmer and she gave birth to 10. She also makes me take walks with her all the time and taught me how to cook things from scratch like pasta when I was a child. :bell:

Obesity is a problem, but you don’t have to make people feel bad about it. It’s a lifestyle change, people who are chronically tired, ill, and out of shape have to realize that their lives need to change. It’s not normal to have little energy and feel sore after a brisk walk but they have to realize that for themselves.

Your mum taught you well, I have never seen you bring these issues up before or anyone else, as a result this epidemic has continued at a frightening pace.

Have you asked yourself why all the slim healthy Xaalimo YouTuber's are the ones that married foreigners who they parade on YouTube? and all the fat obese, single or married Xaalimo's are the ones with some miserable faraax's?

It's very simple! the former don't accept this BS and have a shame culture, the latter don't have this and as a result our women began to slack, I blame the pathetic males for this primarily because I haven't seen a single one speak out about it, in fact they encourage this disgusting culture.

Pain is the greatest motivator, pain itself is weakness leaving the body, when the horse doesn't want to move when ordered nor senses the impending danger you simply whip it into action.

I have lost count how many spineless guys I knew that were and many more that are thinking about a second wife, divorce or the odd scumbag that cheats all because the women they married grew into a gigantic landwhale while they kept quiet all that time too scared to offend her, not knowing that in the end they will inflict the worst possible damage on her.

This is the main reason why many households are destroyed because even if the dude doesn't walk out, he is too disgusted to approach his wife physically and rightly so which leads to all kinds of issues that culminates in her kicking him out.

Take a look at Malyun Ali, the women moans about all the man she married slacking in bed but how could a man possibly please a women of that size? you are basically condemned to 1 or 2 positions at max if you can even stomach all that jiggly fat and toxic perspiration's in the first place and even that is a massive struggle.

That's what the community has become today, it's either a pathetic spineless male that keep quiet sitting on the fence or those bakhti loud qashin unmarried losers that encourage obesity because of rap influence. I see myself as the voice of reason in the middle of all this madness.
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I have normal skin, I alternate between this

And this

Sometimes I will use the VS shea butter body wash but most days is those two above. As for moisture, I use Jerkins shea butter, I have tried all the high end lotions but nothing beats this for me, I love the smell and texture. I don't have to go to face cream, I'm currently using murad's line. I'm lucky not to have any breakouts so I don't spend too much time on my face care.

As for the hair, I have started doing co wash instead of regular shampoo. I use this brand

And for moisture I use the 'as I am' double buttercream and some coconut oil, not too picky with the type of oil as long as it has coconut.
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