I've noticed recently on social media, whenever a guy does something nice for a woman, even if it's his partner/wife random guys will label him a 'simp' . It's got to the point that even common respect and etiquette towards women is looked at as 'simping'. I'm beginning to think a lot of these guys are from abusive homes.

What is wrong with some modern men? It's a strange phenomenon.
There is something wrong with both sexes. One is Toxic feminity fighting the man in trying to emasculate him so she can feel comfortable, and the other is toxic masculinity were the man is trying to put her in "place" and learn her what he wants her to learn.

Nothing wrong with both of them, but when you take it to the extremes in becomes an issue.

People emulate rappers to much, every sentences is a ***** and taking advantage over them.
And the female ones are talking about taking advantage of men aswell.
But you right, i feel for the sweet girls who are genuine and caring. They men or boyfriends cant be sweet to them in public, in fear of getting on the tl and being called simp by thousands😅


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