Sheikh Shariif arrives in Hirshabelle

@kickz you still haven't come to 'grasp' that the regional governor is more powerful then Villa Somalia. Titles such as President of Somalia is 'symbolic' and the sooner u understand that the better, rather then trying to create a Somalia in your own image when it's simply not there on the ground. The president of Somalia is a worthless role where any decision u make can be stopped by regional governors and told to 'buck the knee' so what's the point of it? u have no overarching power besides Mogadishu and even then Mogadishu may 'select' its own leader which will mean even then Villa Somalia becomes more worthless.

Most puntites used to run to hamar back in late 90s and early 2000s, but after farole, u see they realized where power lies in 'federation' and it's the regions. HS/GM is doing the same thing now, rather then focusing on hamar, u have a larger say from your own region even though they are not exactly 'federal state' per say kkkkk but one in name only at this stage.

The Villa is trying to stop 'strong regional states' emerging from HS/SW/GM as they fear they all become like PL/JL who is already to powerful for the VILLA. The more regional states that follow in PL inspiration will mean 'mogadishu role will be seen as ceremonial' nothing else.

Infact the mogadishu president role will be seen as 'secondary' like for example 'when u cant secure power in the regions' people will then go to mogadishu and use it as stepping stone like 'gaas did and deni did' for the 'big powerful role' in the regions.

That is what the emerging scenario is to use Villa Somalia as 'training ground' and then when u matured to go to the regions. Where-as before it was the other way around with ppl using the regions as stepping stones for the 'big role in mogadishu'. How thinks have changed. Even Asad diyano is now in Hamar trying to do the same, to use hamar as stepping stone for 'regional politics'. Somalia is a vastly different nation today kiddo, u don't understand what's happening and only look at 'titles' of president and sheet.
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