hirshabelle election

  1. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Hiiraan Revolutionary Council occupy Beletweyne town ahead of planned visit by Farmaajo's Hirshabelle President Guudlaawe after Gen Xuud was Detained!

    A war is imment between the Hiiraan rebel group and Farmaajo's installed puppet leader of Hirshabelle militia with the help of mandate less Ethiopian muscle Hirshabelle has been the center of Farmaajo's incompetence and political miscalculations and suicide, creating the first armed rebel group...
  2. M

    NEWS Hirshabelle Release 11 Seats!

    SEIT of Hirshabelle Ahmed Hasan Diini has released 11 seats.
  3. kickz

    Sheikh Shariif arrives in Hirshabelle

    Is he here to cool down tensions or run for Hirshabelle Prez :hmm: @Kheyre @Mckenzie