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Sheikh Shaakir elected Galmudug President

:snoop:Triggered Kulaha, about what?

Walahi you're beyond saving, real talk walaal miyaad hubtaa inaadan ahayn biqil/inbred, because with inbreeding comes many intellectual complications.

Your incoherent ramblings remind me of an story i heard about an Inbred who though he saw an cute girl in class but then only to remember he was homeschooled, subxana'Allahi Cadiim.
Do you even know what incoherent ramblings mean? between you and me it's you that type novels and rant lol, I keep it short. now you're telling stories... man just shut up and watch your miserable state continue to disintegrate
Basically a regional president for each of the 4 Habar Gidir sub clans (Cayr, Salebaan, Sacad & Saruur).
Imagine the hard work to bring ASWJ (Cayr),Galnus (Sacaad), Ximaan iyo xeeb (Salebaan) and others in one state called Galnus. Red lips and qosaliyaa 10 to 9 years work is gone now lool. We should thanks xarmaajoo lool.
Shakir :pachah1:

This is a poor image of Galmudug.
N&N need to have a word with Shakir's masters Ayatollah Maxmud & Ayatollah Ash-Qaari :icon lol:

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