Sharma boy song of the Year Post Yours

We should celebrate local artists and their huge success…millions of YouTube views don’t lie. Alhamdulillah we have no need for foreign or Western trash music over there.


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Honnest question are their actually somalis that listen to him besides fobs and niggas back home?

There are Sharma boy team every corner of the world. Don't play with us!!!


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ask @Boqorada i think she support him in either political reason or qabil
What political reason?

Keep talking about sharma and I'll keep qashining you:camby:

Maybe only you mjs that live oversea that listen to him tru clan reasons. But i doubt any other somali listen to him:mjdontkno:
Dont be jealous xooloyahow. Everyone in every corner of Somalia including your khathead relatives love Sharma

Come join the Sharma train and stop hating from outside the club walaalyal


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f*ck Those ajnabis. They are cloud chasing of somalis with their reaction videos you know that. No diaspora somali listens to somali rappers back home:comeon:. Only somali rappers i listen to are canadian/uk/scandinavien
Sir you're 43 year old, stop running away from your roots. :ufdup: