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Sending money back home.


Lord Maximus
I’ll do business there but I won’t send anything to relatives (unless they’re in dire need).

They have to learn to sweat and earn the money, not how to leech off of others
Don't think so. I have no relationship with any of my relatives back home. They never call unless they ask my mom for money, and that is it. The only time I would send back something would be for emergency reasons.
All these folks with kulaha ''They should work'', dont understand that in Somalia there is no Government that creates Jobs like the western nations and also bear in mind that there is not many Private companies willing to employ workers except their ina adeers.

The only reputable Private Company in Somalia that employees Somalis in the Hundred is Hormuud and even they do it based on Clan membership.

In short, Folks its Do or Die in Somalia, so at least if not sending money monthly do something for them like an start up business so they can have an dignified lives.

Sometimes when there’s a emergency, hooyo will ask me to contribute, but that’s only that’s like twice a year or something. I do also send my grandma $100 every 3 monthsish, which she uses to pay for the Shiekh who reads Quran to her.
I don’t mind sending money in the future but only for proper fam who deserve it, one of my friends was asked to give money to her cousin so he could afford a second marriage, absolutely couldn’t be me


Never I will only give money to my parents and immediate family. I'll pay my zakat and give sadaqa when I can but never will I get caught up in a remittance giving trap.


MX/Ashrafi/Ajuran for president 2021
My ayaayo is the only person imma be sending money to, the rest could work for the money lol


I don't work so I can't really give as much. My siblings all give £1000 a month for relatives back home, and inshallah I'll contribute too when I finish my education.


The $300 I send is equivalent to the donations whites make to disenfranchised communities. I feel like my donation improves the economic conditions of my relatives. I am even planning to send two of my brightest cousins abroad to get their degrees inshallah.
Majority of my family live out of somalia, but we still have relatives back home.

I've sent a few hundreds through to help them out for medical bills.


I lived and survived in desolate areas where it's living conditions are far worse than Somalia , I never received remittance money in my life and neither had any of my community raised qaaraan for me when my shop was burnt to the ground ,
There was nobody that helped me during those rainy days , all of a sudden the sun's shining and they want to hassle me with their bullshit
I worked very hard to get to where I am at today , I wouldn't send a single cent to the ones back home who are mostly men and are the same age as I am they should find someone else to leech off to instead of heavily relying upon someone living overseas

I don't like Parasites and they are no different from gold-diggers

They are pathetic with their excuses they bare arms and legs they have the capacity to earn something for a living but choose to reap of someone's earnings
No sympathy for these individuals