Seeing famous & non-famous ppl die makes me realise

486th President

Norway Is The Motherland
You should go back babes
Hell no most macalins don’t know how to teach they would sit there and wait for kids to finish their ashiir that’s it my family paid 100 dollars a month for that just for someone to listen to a kid read his Quran one at a time I didn’t even learn much i learned more in quarantine than in dugsi fam

and they would hit you for no reason and that just pulls children away from the Quran it doesn’t make them love it they read it because of fear there was a time where I was really drepreassed because of dugsi I was put in a room for 11 hours just because I couldn’t finish my ashiir I felt like I wasn’t good at anything I wanted to kill myself at one point

because everyday I was abused by a teacher who should teach about the verses of the Quran and teach like a regular teacher they are the teaching a religion of peace but hurting kids at the end if you had just talked you would be hit and they expect you to memorize a page with 20 other kids yelling their ashiir where is the logic in that I’m never taking my child to a place like that I would gladly teach my children and help them and reach to their heart so that they feel safe


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