Seedigeen Sam of somalia received floods of emails from xalimos


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I can't fathom the thought of waking up next to a white revert. I'm sorry they either look slow or look like they don't brush their teeth or take regular showers. Xalimos should aim higher.

Loooooooool@white people have their own culture kulaha!!!! :ulyin:


Fino alla morte
He raises some fair points tbh :ehh:

- reverts are not all pure-hearted
- culture shocks
- probability of having a non-Muslim in-laws
- probability of your non-Muslim in-laws ending up with your children
- marrying a revert doesn't mean being a worse wife/husband


cismaan maxamuud
This is why i supported this guy from the beginning, he seems like a genuine Muslim revert brother that really wants the best for the somali people.May allah preserve him and his family.Now to the video,the guy raised some pretty valid points about somali women and why they yearn to marry a revert,these lazy gabdhos see it as a ticket to neglect their God-given womanly duties.The part that had me dying was when he said specifically white reverts:mjlol:, these insecure xalimos had the time to specify that they dont want some ******head faraax babies :russ:.At the end of the day somalis in general need to stop idolizing these people,we should appreciate them coming to islam but we shouldn't put them on a pedestal as the brother mentioned.:samwelcome:

This fake Sheikh , who is currently incarcerated for the murder of an Imam , allegedly approached Somali Elders to tell them to speak to their daughters as they were being bombarded with requests to marry " Abu Darnell "at the mosque .
Self hatred is a deadly disease !


As i live and breathe
I stopped when he said "specifically a white revert", I can't :jcoleno:
Surprised? I for one support it. These Xalimos would never feel fulfilled with a faarax, not if what they truly want is that white Roger down the street :mjpls:

Only Xalimos who prefer their own should marry in, the others should marry out, we don't need more failed marriages in the community :mjohreally:
A lot of young girls have this romanticised image of reverts. They think they will be like the Sahabas (ra) who first accepted Islam. Righteous sincere men who know how to treat their women and will ultimately lead them into Jannah. Unfortunately, a lot of reverts nowadays have become like their counterpart-cultural Muslims they live among.
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Damn xalimos and *****ism go hand in hand all over the internet..
:mjlol: Kulaha specifically white reverts lol. The xalimos have alot of self hatred to the point where they get light skin baby syndrome or ****** wannabe syndrome
My god, this is fucking embarrassing. Can a day go by without these airheads disgracing us? You will never hear this shit from xabashi females.
PAHGS are trully a gift from god. I'm worried that their preference for their own will turnish my dream of having one of their queens. Not to mention that they are also the most desired african girls. This is classic of the survival of the fittest theory and i must win. Let the hunts for pahgs begin :fredo: