Scientists Discover “Vantablack” Deep-Sea Creatures


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So for any of you who don't know what is vantablack, see the 10 seconds of this video

And a while ago scientists discovered a fucking deep sea creature that is almost as black as vantablack, it absorb 99.995 of incoming light. So it most be invisible in that deep sea.

The fish appeared to absorb almost all of the light her underwater studio shone at it, leaving only eerie silhouettes.

Credit for all images: Karen Osborn/Smithsonian
“I had tried to take pictures of deep-sea fish before and got nothing but these really horrible pictures, where you can’t see any detail,” Osborn, who co-authored a paper about the fish published in Current Biology, told Wired. “How is it that I can shine two strobe lights at them and all that light just disappears?”

“It’s like looking at a black hole,” lead author Alexander Davis, a Duke University biologist
The deep sea is filled with strange, terrifying and mysterious creatures yet to discovered :browtf:


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