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May Allah curse those who were spreading such a filthy propaganda, risking innocent children and families who attend that school, just so you could get a bit of dirt on Hargeisa and the people of Somaliland


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Elm school was awarded as the most outstanding international school in Africa 2019 by Asic. Jealousy is really the biggest enemy to Somaliland's success. Even when you watch the dance video you hear that the audience speaks a language other than Somali.


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Ever since the Abaarso headmaster opposed nepotism in his school people have been trying to bring it down with rumors. It’s probably the same here.


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This is been. My siblings currently go to this school and such a book does not even exist in the lower primary.


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A senior officer in Somaliland education ministry has been fired after he was accused of allegations that he was responsible for the spread of Christianity in Somaliland.

Mr. Abdilahi Yasin Derie, the director of Curriculum, is involved with the crime that he allowed Christian lessons to be taught which our Islamic religion strongly opposes against it.

He is also facing allegations that he informed school authorities to go ahead with the teachings of Christian lessons to the students at local schools.

The education minister, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Derie alias Torno has fired the director, Derie after receiving complaints from heads of local schools in Somaliland.

The minister has promised to sue the director at the court.

The director of curriculum at the education ministry has been at the helm for the past 25 years.

It’s not hard to give people the full story, instead of twisting the story to suit your twisted agenda. :ufdup:
So Christianity has been taught in Somaliland schools for 25 years. Still no ictiraaf too.
The weak Somali people will become Christian if they hear about it. OMG all Somali people living in the west. They must all have become Christians!!

What is wrong with people who is educated?
I grew up in a Christian country and even I can't name the fruits of the holy spirit.


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The school administration said they don't use Christian curriculum and it is a huge lie, yeah of course buddy.:childplease:



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