Saw 2 Somali guys buying alcohol

There probably would be peace in Somalia if people could have a few beers to release the stress. There is no time I feel more conciliatory, understanding, and less ticked off at others' mistakes than after a few beers. That's why people usually settle disputes over a few beers.
Do they do sailing, rowing,surfing,yachting?

If you tell me , they can't at least swim whilst living on the coast, i will have to suggest you disown them, they aint your cousins no more :drakelaugh:
You think They've got the American surfer accent too "sUuUuuUUuuH DuDE"


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I said how common this was in the community (including those who are older) years ago and I was mocked and ridiculed. There is even a sheikh who drinks here.

It's not new.
There was actually a point in time when Somalis were perceived to be the most religious among all the Muslims in the UK.
lol when? If that's true then oh boy have the tides changed. lol

but on a real who cares how others in the Ummah perceive us Paki always hated us anyway
I don't think I ever saw a Somali do anything bad in my 16 years in London until I ventured into areas like Hayes and Harlesden, walahi it was a shock to the system. I saw Somali's drinking just outside the mosque in Hayes, You would see xalimo's wearing mini skirts as you existed in the mosque in Harlesden.

Miss it tho