Salafi understanding of Tawheed

If we accept the premise that Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was basically a theorist of Sufi genocide, I can understand why the Sufis would be against him.

Did Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab and, as the video claims, Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah, make takfir of people who "seek intercession" of saints? I don't know. I haven't confirmed or denied the claim.

I only said that the video wasn't really thread-related to make it understood that the video was part of a Sufi criticism of Salafi aqeedah rather than the OP's criticism that seems to charge Salafis with not being Salafi enough.

Please read this. From primary sources. Can check the translations/overview for yourself.

Ibn Taymiyyah did not do the personalised takfir that MIAW and asxaab did btw. He spoke in generalities.

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