s can not get rid of their nimo (Even in the west)

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running for council in Minneapolis loses top another Somali.
First thing he does is go on Facebook and declares Election Fraud/irregularities, (this isn't Somalia) .


Four Somali-Americans won races for public office in local elections that took place around the U.S. on Tuesday.

In a contest between two Somali immigrants running for a seat on the Minneapolis city council, the incumbent, Abdi Warsame, narrowly beat challenger Mohamud Noor, 50 percent to 47 percent.

"From January, up to now our situation was good and now we have won the election with the public vote. I am very happy," Warsame said.

Warsame was elected in 2013 as the first Somali-American to serve in a municipal office.

During his campaign, he said his goals for a second term include strengthening relations between the Somali community and police. He has also proposed developing a mall in the Somali community.

Noor did not immediately accept the result.

"It's clear tonight that the outcome of this election has not yet been decided. We will fight to make sure every vote is counted, and the numerous irregularities that were reported are fully investigated," Noor posted on his Facebook page.

Why cant many somalis accept defeat, what matters is if you try again!
Pls teach your kids that don't raise a raise a Somali.
Surely you do know that the Zoo**** term you keep throwing around will eventually stick, and will be used against SL?
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