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I relapsed a week ago but it's all good now I know what to look out for. I just want to get the brain fog removed I'm already social/confident. Noticed any improvements since your last self assessment.
I'll only find out when school starts in two days. The brain fog during class is annoying I'll find out if it changed. Had the biggest urge to relapse but I told myself it wasn't worth it and I'm nearing day 90. Day 76 and going strong :win:
Nacalaa waxa Tahay kuyal :denzelnigga:

It's amazing if you give it chance, I tried doing that with GoT to not feel left out in convos but I couldn't finish season 1.
You need to put all your energy into it. It's really complex. If you miss two crucial minutes of any episode you'll be confused. I'm starting Bojack Horesman soon. Have you seen it?
Having recently binged watch all of the episodes, I'm convinced it's the best show out there. Season 3 started off weak last week but that pickle rick episode today
If it was family guy, boondocks, south park or american dad, I would understand.

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