LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
Pregnant mothers be ware!!!!!

When you are pregnant--do not have a strong inclination for who the sex will be unless you have PROOF, nowadays u have an ultra sound and u can KNOW the sex of your child.

I have conducted my Einstein research. Our body is an amazing body of work. The brain is the Pilot executive branch. Whatever u instruct the brain, it sends signals to the rest of the body for hormones and activations.

So lets say a Xaliimo mother is pregnant. U know that Xalimo mothers adore "Sons".....right? So if she begins to suspect and continue to believe she is having a son--her body will activate testosterone hormones to the fetus, thereby immediately affecting the child biological make up. The sex is already pre determined by God, but the hormones and other biological things start forming differently in the body by the mothers activation system.

This explains why Xaliimos are hard build overwhelmingly in Somalis---because their mothers want a son desperately. Or believe and manifest or activates a son bio make up into the poor daughter.

Am i a genius or what?

So the best thing in today modern day is---

  • First find out the sex of your child by ultra sound
  • Manifest and think exactly in the nature of the sex to Manifest and instruct your body
  • And Intend by naming the child with a name that for sure guarantees your results -recommending Islamic popular names like Omar or Abubakar or Maryam