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Reer London come in please

I’ve been thinking of visiting/moving to San Diego. I seriously haven’t made a final decision yet but I want to see some people for help with life lol.


Doesn't this ***** live in San Diego or something? Why the fuck she coming London

Is she even Somali?

This proves London is degenerate central
PROVES ? IS NOT THE OVERCAST SKIES IS NOT THE ENTIRE NATION talking about nonsense like mexit is not the wet cold damp foggy smoggy air is not the aristocracy of evil eating the tax dollars of the common man is not the corruption of Brexit and the confusion of it is not bengali girls and Somali girls being lunatics on the streets of London is not the toothless yellow breath gingers you call chavs ruining your night with their HOMOEROTIC STARES is not all these things THAT PROVE ENGLAND IS THE MOST DEGENERATE PLACE ON EARTH


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We need to stop this fat creature, who’s gonna join me waiting for her till she touches down Heathrow Airport, so we can jump her and grab her by her Fanax
I'm going so I can take photos of everyone there so I can tell their parents that they are misbehaving and to pay me 10 dollars for me to erase the photos it's hard hustling out here in rainy London