Reer Bari building neighbourhood for Southern IDPs!

Never forget we lost our rule over the savages due to Reer Bari Incompetence. They let the man who killed their own and our President rule when they had the power to Unseat the dog Siyad Barre. If it was up to me they would be banned from Politics for life.

It was our late Reer Mudug hero, Abdulahi Yusuf, who allowed Hawiye back into Galkacyo after the civil war.
I apologise for the topic title, I thought it was only Bari that was so naive but all Puntites are naive.
Nevertheless, it's not too late to practise self-preservation and send these people back to their home regions.

No more nonsensical "Somalinimo", it never applied to MJs so it should not apply to them.
Has it been proven that the terrorists causing havoc in Puntland are from these communities you are berating?


Whenever terror cells are exposed or they are killed/arrested, overwhelmingly from South-West state.

Yes, there are many normal South-Westerners but this terror threat along with predatory business practises, means we cannot host them any more.
Furthermore, before anyone speaks of MJs in the South. We went to the South to build (Kismaayo), spread the religion South-West Somalia. Wherever we go, we do it with class and we bring peace and prosperity.


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