Re: Possible bantu homeland

Upon reading an extremely interesting anthropoligical book (Africa: its peoples and their culture history. By George Murdock.)
I stumbled across an interesting theory that the original bantu homeland is located in the Nigerian plateau;



(which goes against the mainstream common belief held today; of the bantus originating in the Cameroon highlands)

I believe this theory of bantus originating in the Nigerian plateau, is consistent with the recent genetic paper :- Wherein they did not find any traces of bantu presence in the region close to the Cameroon highlands.

Intriguingly the Nigerian plateau is close to various chadic speaking tribes. We know that chadic speaking people possess eurasian ancestry and profile alongside y dna R1b V88. Just going off on a tangent but could it be that eurasian peoples aided indirectly, or even, directly the expansion of bantu peoples just as how today's eurasian people, greatly assisted and aided in the bantu population artificially expanding and increasing their population (via better agriculture, western medicine and science).

What is your own take on this?


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