Rageh Omar promotes Nakedness


Let the man reminisce the nostalgia about xalimos with baatis before rajabeeto was the norm.

Personally I would not wanna see habaro with saggy tits giving their bellies a rub.
Otherwise I'm all for nostalgia
It's about time we go back to our roots. I miss seeing our young Gazelle wearing guntiino and macawiis cast to wahabi takfiri ideology that has corrupted our culture with inferior ayrab culture.


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Mr. Omar sounds so misguided. I like his documentary. He is very talented. He also has that capital bantu and somali nasaab mix look that is undeniable. While at the same time, having this air of nobleness from a clan, like MJ of the Osman Mahmood. I know he is Isaaq. I think he is misguided. God guide him to Islam.
This guy couldn’t be more white. I used to see him walking his Chihuahua early in the morning . He’s also married to a woman from the royal family .


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