Genetics R1b Aryan Somali


Either this was a rape case child or this particular tribe really do be letting anyone hit except a rival qabil.

I think since E-V32 is said to be about 80% representation among somalis, the rest is a mixture of everybody who made their way to Somalia long ago for various reasons. But, I don't know how they determine this guy is Somali at that level and with a different haplogroup of mongolia/asia. Would be nice to know the basis for their result on this guy.

Would be funny if he is listed as my fifth cousin :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa: I checked the latest addition of all 11 new relatives, all of them somalis at 23andMe. Could be one of them newbies posted recently.

The ,list is embarrassing me for its new membership growth. I mean, every xalimo and farax taking the test gets posted as a cousin. Hope this interest in genetics will fade away.

I might close my account if there is the option at some point. I know enough now that somalis are of one common father.
Some ethnic Somalis that participated in the natgeo genome project got Haplogroup R. One of them was Isaak, hj. I think it was R1b, not sure what subclade.

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