Question for fat somalispotters

I’m just genuinely curious, the experience of fat people. My highest weight was like around 130lbs (I’m pretty short) I couldn’t take it even though I was nowhere near obese, I could feel the weight change. It was harder to walk, I would get out of breath faster, etc etc it was very uncomfortable I decided to myself I’m done and im gonna lose weight. So I did, and it wasn’t that hard for me….

my question for yall (this is not hate this is curiosity if this is somehow against the rules admins pls delete) this is for research

1. what’s y’all weight/bmi, and how long have y’all been fat for?

2. do you guys struggle to walk or move ? or has your body adjusted ?

3. do you feel more fatigued (when I was at my highest weight I remember feeling tired all the time.. like I said I was nowhere near obese :faysalwtf:)

4. do you still think you’re healthy?

5. If you could wave a magic wand and be skinny would y’all do it?

6. How do y’all feel when you hear people boast about their weight loss or say theyre going on a diet (despite being slimmer than you)?
Lastly, what’s your favourite food?:cosbyhmm:
The Somali community in the United States has a huge obesity epidemic I’ve even seen a Somali lady who weighed 400 pounds and was hospitalized it is addiction to sweets