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QUESTION: Do you guys find that you get treated differently from other black people?

Ive been thinking about this a lot lately, but I find in Canada its alot easier for me to get things like jobs and internships compared to my other black friends. I recently graduated from my program and immediately got 3 job offers while my other black friend hasn't gotten a single call back, she sometimes makes sarcastic jokes about how I look more acceptable than she does but now im wondering how true that is?
“Lets talk about how white people love us (dark caucasians) more than the NEGROS”
Thats not how im trying to reiterate it but ok snowflake, to say there is no difference is being ignorant either answer the question or leave
Thats not how im trying to reiterate it but ok snowflake, to say there is no difference is being ignorant either answer the question or leave
On a real. I don’t think it’s true. White people hate Muslims equally/even more nowadays so surely being Muslim + black is an even bigger disadvantage?
Not generally, but once when volunteering in an elementary school, I found that the teacher I was working with had a much more discriminatory view of native black parents than Somali parents. She assumed that black parents would not care about poor behavior from their kids, while Somali parents would. I wanted to let her know, 70% of somalis parents are shit and probably wouldn't care either but I kept my mouth shut.
To answer your question,Yes, most definitely. Theres less fear in a girls eyes when i enter the elevator and she sees im somali, same for shops etc.
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I used to work in retail with this madow guy. I am light brown with typical Somali(skinny nose, timo jileec ect) features. He is dark-skinned with typical madow features. I noticed I was treated wayyy better by customers than he was. They were much more friendly and nicer to me than to him.
The reason is not solely because of preconceived prejudice based on their appearance, their attitude and self-entitlement plays a big role.


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I don't know enough black people to say if thats true, laakin I can get jobs pretty easily.

Does your friend have tattoos, piercings?

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My Jewish friend granted me CEO status of a fortune trillion dollar company #AfroAsiaticLinks #ThankYouShnizelberg
Muslims are hated more than black people loooool

I usually get the jobs that I go into an interview for. And as for treatment from others, it ranges from alright to good. People are usually nice.

And when I’m not wearing a headscarf = more male attention. Not really a positive thing though :ftw9nwa:
Idk I dont wear hijab so people dont know im muslim, I thought at least for the men its the same way? No one knows your muslim unless you say something??

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