QAXAABAD Mona Walter desecrates the holly Quran and insults Prophet Mohamed (SCW)

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One is successful kaffir the other is a nobody lol.

Btw why are you on the defensive mode



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If I believed what Mona Walter also believed about Aisha being married and thighed at the age of 6 I would also heavily despise Islam just like I had believed previously.

I would not have gone back to Islam had I not looked further into Bukhari's hadith about Aisha not actually being 9 years old when the marriage was consummated.

If you truly believe Aisha was 9 years old, and you think that the most pure human being on Earth a 40+ year old man could have sex with this 9 year old and still be considered Al-Amin then you are truly sick and I want to spit on your face just like Mona spit on that kitab.

Allah is the most wise and the most righteous, he himself knows the truth and although our information is limited due to the errors in recording time in the 7th century, Allah's knowledge is ever-lasting. Allah would never condone a pedophile to be his messenger.

The God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad is too just for that.


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Qabyaalad is a cancer :mjlol:how you complementing a ayaan hirsi?
Christopher Hitchens called her the greatest publish intellectual to come out of africa. Shes intelligent no question about that:manny:
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