Qatar recruiting soldiers in Somalia for Qatari army

Somalis are the best fighter in this world, we beat british in 1920s and Americans in 1993 , we just need heavy military equipment. Maca amd Mahina will be ruled by somalis and qataris
sidii doqontii dharagtay u hadla ee tiri why are they dying for hungry have not they cakes, kulahaa 6000k is criminal boosaska waala kala laayahay
Let's evaluate this.

Qatar offers better pay, less conflict and the chamce to live in a modern, rich Country with smart rulers

Somalia offers no pay or late pay, constant chaos, taking orders by jareer amisom adoons, living with retarded people who worship qabiil, having leaders who would sell their mother for a tiny payday.

If I'm a miskin skinny farah in xamar i'm jumping at the chance of joining Qatar's army :manny: