Puntland Region calls for prayer for rain (3x in a row)

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I guess Bosaso has slight advantage in that it's closer to Mecca.

In any case someone tag me when the results come out.
Why not plant more trees to help the rain cycle rather than pray for rain all the time. Allah doesn to help those that don't help themselves. How much would it cost to fund this with puntland's budget if poor indian farmers can buy seeds in dozens and plant them. It's a rhetorical question.



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Insulting me doesn't make it any less true...

I suppose god is just causing droughts because Somali people don't pray enough to him.
Every people have their own set of trials and nothing is permanent.
Now scurry on back to general. This section is for pious qabilists only.


Bosaso iyo Bandar Siyada
While we are praying for rain to Allah. while somalilanders are apart of christian ethiopian tv channel praising jesus and saint maria :russ::damn:

I laaf yu ayujufaaaa, i pray u ayujufaaa ~ random idoΓ³r April 5th 2018 :kendrickcry:
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I have no proof, only whispers
Don't mock the religion.

If you are gay and an atheist, go be one away from topics related to our religion.
You pray for rain for 99 days and on the 100th it comes. Is that because of your prayer or because of natural world processes?

I'm not the one who started this thread, y'all were making fun of each other for praying for rain. The moron I replied to called me a fag, how about you call him out.
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