Puntland Presidential Palace vs Somaliland Morgan Palace

why is the somaliland palace the seat are so far away, are they not suppose to hear each other or sit 70 yards away from each other, agah,

if i am discussing siyasad surely i would want to see them eye ball to eye ball and hear their voice,

look at where the governor bixi is sitting, so far away from the guests it looks like a wedding hall,


Why do MJs support Morgan?

Was he not Siyad Barre's son in law when MJ civilians were being targeted?

Has he ever proven himself to be for MJs? For Puntites?

The civil war does not count. HAG made sure it was Somali vs Daarood and everyone had to side with his/her qabiil or die.

We need to exchange Morgan for the Isaaq war criminals who planned the Mudug atrocities under the order of the dictator.
how are we supporting him if thats just the name of the house:bell: