Puntland President Proff. Dr. Xaaji Gaas in Hajj pilgrimage Praying for the Somali People

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Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
Ya Ameer, if you're reading this make dua for me.

He just added another title: Prof. Dr. Xaaji Gaas. :wow:
Puntland is praying right beside you Xaaji Gaas.
Just someone make sure to tell him not to go to middle . I hear they go 3 m/s , he might trip.


( I'm a puntite so I have a right to insult him )

Cotton Eyed Joe

More law, less justice.
Oh president may you have a safe trip and may Allah accept your prayers for our people and guard us from their eyes of envy and scandal even if they wish us death and destruction we will only wish them good fortune because we need trading partners for our economic ambitions.
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