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Horn of Africa should only mean Puntland region of Somalia instead of this


That unique geography is why it keeps getting pictured. You can easily spot it from space.

It's very popular since it's the most eastern point in Africa, Africa's rhino horn that stretches to the Arabian peninsula and Asia.
PL terrain is super exotic

PL = horn of africa
Yes very good somalia only needs better city planning, Garowe is by far one of the best planned cities in somalia berbera is also pretty good but bosaso hargeisa and parts of xamar needs serious planning efort
PL is the safest region in Somalia.

Everywhere in the state is peaceful except few hundred Alshababs hiding in calmadow mountains/galgala

From the horn of Africa down to Garacad its all safe
They aren't in Calmadow Lasqoray, they're in the fringes of Galgala and they're losing control of it.


mashaallah eyl is nature at its best very beutiful it just needs investement in tourism sector it will be the new maldives


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