Puntland Needs Recreation Center

I would consider this as a good business opportunity in PL. It's a 'niche' and 'empty' with investors and there is a-lot of demand for it from bored out youths who want to have recreation facilities beyond 'football'.

I am talking about being a 'sports' based store that sells items and rents out the following things.

1. Jetski's for rental
2. Boogey boards cause I doubt they can surf.
3. Snorkelling equipments
4. Paramotor so people can 'glide over' the city
5. In the future expand into 'sky jumps'

I would definitely 'tap' into this 'area' due to the liklihood of good returns and less competition. I prefer areas that are 'niche' type of investments where there is 'under supply' of companies leaving me to own the 'market' for at least the first 'few years' to make a good earning un-interrupted by competitors until Somalis 'copy' lol.

I am not a 'fan' of 'clothing stores, technology, and products' this is 'over supplied' in Somalia. The best business idea is areas that is undersupplied and demand is strong while 'investment is low'. PL has identified 'youth investment' is strongly encouraged as it can have many positive impacts on the community.

I would set up 'shop' at Bosaso due to the commercial hub and coast-line. I may expand to 'Garacad' once it becomes he commercial hub of the central regions.
I will definitely begin this business once the GOVT starts to create 'ID system' and 'residential' addresses for all people so I can track them down if they rob me.
PL needs to immediately begin 'diwangelin' of the shacab. No-one should reside in our land without 'identification' on name, address, age as a bare minimum. I would also like to add a 'field' for their 'elder' who he/she reports under.

We must ensure water/electricity companies do not deliver any service to a home that lacks identification card. We must ensure the police create a 'database' for 'criminals' in our land so all companies/hotels/homes must do a 'criminal background' check on any person.

We need a separate system for 'IDPS' who are given PL ID cards with 'temporary' residence. No IDP can live in our land who doesn't have this card and a 'elder' who is responsible for him or her being registered and held accountable for his community.

We need 'trans-border' traders who come from different regions to have a 'clearance' from their 'regional govt' so they are held accountable for their people. The problem is in PL the lack of accountability creates no 'fear'. Laws are useless with-out accountability.

Once we have 'diwangelin' we can finally collect 'statistics' on clans and criminal ratio. This will finally give the 'respected doctor' some sort of 'data' to work with and determine who is responsible for most crimes in our region and their 'elder' is then held responsible and shown the 'variation' of crime between his community vs another.

Data hurts when u see it? I mean IDP are less then 1% of PL population yet represent an 'awful rate of the crimes'.

This can now begin to influence decision makers that we need more policing in their areas and their elders brought to 'justice' for allowing this to happen. I am sick n tired of 'educating' IDP elders about basic security things, it's not an education awareness that is the problem, the problem is he knows he won't be held accountable so he has no need to keep his community in check untill he feels the 'wrath' of the justice system.
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I also want to begin companies to register their workers with PL ID cards. No man can have a mobile account without their PL ID number listed. This will give us now control of the market in the hands of PL.

We must have also PSF agents involved in the 'money transaction' market to spot any suspicious transaction. A-lot of these people are sent money thru 'mobile money' from distant areas to commit crimes in PL. Once they know their PL ID number is traceable to a name, address, age, and clan elder yes 'elder' is a 'mandatory' in-case the person escapes his elder will be held accountable till he is brought back to face trial.

We must have inter-police security system working with MOG/HARGEISA as that is where they usually go to hide. We must warn Mog and Hargeisa if they do not comply with PL authorities the backlash will be felt by your locals in PL, and we will ensure it's your 'best' also.
I think we organize PL ID Cards quite quickly. We can inter-link it with 'water, hospital, electricity, and market place'. We then order the mobile accounts with-out PL ID number and registeration will not be able to access our market place, so they will be forced to 'register' with our authorities. I would make this a PL wide program also not just for garowe.

Then we can begin listing 'bad people' in our lands with the police authorities, especially convicted people in jails and it can lead to 'crimes to drop' thru 'fear' of the public who cannot operate a business or hire out residential properties to anyone without a 'background' check done by PL police authorities.

The PL ID will then list this person 'crimes' and the PL authorities can either 'clear or not clear' them depending on their risk to the public. It's very easy to ensure compliance by the public because the mobile accounts are linked to PL ID numbers and PL can order that their accounts be closed at the very least you will have 'red flag' besides their name so any transaction is reported to the PL authorities to 'clear or not clear'.

Anyone found using another person ID card or committing fraud will receive 'strict punishment'. Because what can happen is someone may use the cash option to escape the mobile payments cause they can't create an account.

But luckily since the 'shilling' is very low and can purchase anything beyond $5 dollars, it won't be a major matter. But what is a major matter is ensuring all companies provide 'audit' of all their employees and their ID cards to the ministry of business. Then we can finally ensure 'PL companies are not under reporting' their taxation and we can begin to look at 'peoples incomes' and determine a 'fair tax' rate.
We need access to mobile accounts of all PL residents. This will give us the information we need on 'tax rates' for workers and businesses. Many companies probably under-report their earnings to the authorities and thru monitoring of accounts it can lead to accurate revenue collection.

You can't hide when you use 'payments thru zaad or sahal'. PL taxation team will review your company against your business account and workers account and generate your 'taxation receipt and obligations' to the public that u make an 'earning' from. Somalis love to take and make money off the backs of society but refuse to put back into society wax macqul ma aha. Infact we can begin to 'automate' taxation revenue where each 'dollar' in your account gets 'automatically' deducted and given to PL finance department account. The more dollars in your account will lead to more 'deducations' based on a 'fair rate'. I prefer the 'dollar' system, for each dollar 10-15% goes to the PL authorities and that is your contribution to the people.

For example if there is $500 dollars in your account, for each dollar you will pay 10-15% but if there is $1000 dollars, after $500 dollars u will start to pay 20-30% and u do the same based on a 'bracket'. Or else if it becomes a 'flat' rate it can lead to lower income people paying more while higher income people paying less. We prefer a 'fair system' where u pay based on your 'awood dhaqaale' not based on a universal rate since not everyone account is universally the same.

The way u can tell is, everyone takes care of his private property but the second it's some sort 'public' area nobody cares showing u 'individualism' has gone to 'far' here and is counter productive to the well being of the public.
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I honestly believe everyone should be taxed even those who do not work and collect 'hawala'. The average person on 'hawala' gets $150-300 a month. He must pay his fair share to the govt. So a nice 10-20% rate must be taken from him and his family and diaspora must pay it or else your relative will be with less money and that is your problem lakin waxay dawladu xaq uu lee dahay 'way goosan' it's up to you to deal with the 'short-fall' madafacker

I will always be like this as the mad doctor ensuring no man lives on our land not paying his 'fair dues' to society.

I am sick of nomads being 'taxed' heavily at the port while these dulis in the city pay jack shit. That means the govt is carried on the back of 'rural people' and the urban ones contribute nothing due to the govt letting them get away with it. Niinka xoolaha haysto waan canshuraya lakin kan 'hawalada' lacag loo soo diro ama shaqaysto lama canshurayo waa cadalad daro of the worst order.
I prefer knowing my 'govt' is fair for all and ensures all people contribute to the government coffers irrespective if they work or don't, it's not fair to say some people can be 'tax free' thru 'remittance' and not 'charge' them as they use the public facilities and not paying his fair share and then charge heavily the rural person who is selling his livestock either locally or abroad.

I want a more taxation to be collected on anyone with a 'dollar' even to his name, even if he has a dollar, he must pay 20% of that to the govt. Taxation must be not just traders and rural folks but also workers or remittance people must join in and contribute as long as you live in the land u must contribute to it. It's not a choice but a law.

They will start to protect the town investment knowing they will be 'taxed' more if they don't as this will trigger a repair/replacement tax rate to applied to them.
Infact I would be quite brutal and 'tax remittance' more to discourage people and force them to work for a lower rate of taxation. I would apply better tax rates for workers to encourage them to work then receive remittance which I would tax heavily so these families in the diaspora are encouraged to not give 'handouts' but to start 'investment' pools to make them self reliant.

I would set an 'amnesty' date that anyone on remittance for more then 2 years will start to incur 'heavy taxation rate' to discourage this sort of behavior.