Puntland may actually be seceding. High level meeting held by leaders in UAE.

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The new regional Government in Puntland is considering new political move related to the recent political dispensation by the Federal Government of Somalia, sources close to the regional presidency claim. The nominations of several political positions in the Federal Government that went to the Dir Clan such as the powerful Deputy Prime Minister, Central Bank Governor, Minister of Constitution, Supreme Court Judge and the Attorney Genaral raise concerns in Puntland. Puntland claims that these moves indicate a new political direction by Farmaajo’s government which solidly puts Puntland in the periphery. For this reason, Puntland is considering its own response that may include secession.

Current visit in UAE by President Deni of Puntland is a response to the political move in Mogadishu. Recent tension between UAE and the Somali Government has not been resolved. In addition, the UAE is building a military base in the Secessionist region of Somaliland.

President Farmaajo has invited the regional Presidents to Mogadishu on April 19-23 for discussion, it is unlikely that President Deni will accept this invitation. Other powerful Regional Presidents in Galmudug and Jubbaland are also expected to decline this invitation.

President Deni purportedly met with his predecessor, Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, and former Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmaarke in the UAE to discuss how we will secede from these handicaps.

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Powerful developments. Hope Deni takes a firm stand on this incompetent HAG president and rejects every invitation from him.

Ministry of constitution should have gone to another Leelkase same sub clan as of the late minister Xoosh but FailMaajo likes to bend for HAG and their interests. What a cuck.
This is probably nonsense.

As I always say, wait 3 days before you believe any content produced by a somali "news publication". These people are egregious liars with no journalistic standards whatsoever.


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Somaliland failed to secede for 30 years but good luck to Puntland. Let's see who will secede first.


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By the way, we're taking the blue flag with us since we made it. Good luck making a new one without us.



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Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

I'm so happy that Puntland independence might finally become a reality. Yayyy!
I'll believe it when i see it. Although somalia ruined any chances of somaliland and puntland rejoining by remaining in a state of choas since 1991. Holding back the development of the two regions is what caused the resentment between the regional states.

They're not even upset about the foreign trained "Somali" soldiers having mooryaan battles in Mogadishu.

They're not upset when Puntland politicians are forced out of the FEDERAL Government (THAT PUNTLAND CREATED!!).

They're not upset when all funding intended for other Somali regions is stolen by Mogadishu.

They're not upset when Mogadishu steals all the military funding/training/equipment from all Somali regions and directs it to HAG clan militias

You fake "patriots" who want to abuse us to gain illicit income for the hellhole Mogadishu:


About Puntland
About PIM
About ANY Somali state that does not concern you.
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