Puntland is stagnant but nobody knows it.

She spread lies about the police chief for stopping an illegal meeting they held in Qardho this national party was behind, she kept sharing and spreading lies even though she was warned several times. She is an IDP with Puntite abtiyaal.
In Arabic we say, ياغريب كون أديب. In simple words its mean "dont cross your line!" in soft tone. As @Apophis said anymore word deport her ass back to where she came from.
As a PL critic myself - i have to admit Puntland is NOT stagnating - quite the opposite, we're developing rapidly, so many projects in the pipeline
I am impressed by the development. I just don’t understand the political obstructionism. Wouldn’t working in good faith with the central government mean a larger uptick in project/ contracts ?

My dad has giving multiple contracts to puntlanders. They would win many more.The Jews of Somalia for real.

A PL farm management consultant made our farm near Mogadishu one of the best, extremely talented people.


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