Puntland & Galmudug hold peace talks in Galkacyo


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
Pipe down, Nobody cares about your tuulo in hiiraan, i didn't even know you guys were a clan up until recently, stop trying to make yourself relevant and focus on your baby administration
They impress me actually, in my opinion, from my guess they are pretty small not different than 0.5 group.They tend to keep to themselves and aren't outspoke like other clans. The fact that a small clan can control a region is impressive, to say the least
Since when was east Galkacyo Jeexdin?:O27GWRK:

You don't even know what you're talking about:mjlol:

Jeexdin and Galkacyo are two seperate entities, stick to your hut in dhusomareeb, you have no business in galkacyo, you're not even sacad :what:
I laugh my ass off when Galmudug on their galmudug pride nights say to 'north' mudug darods to join galmudug. I am like what in the world is there to join in Galmudug. Why would the northern mudug folks leave a functional government, economy building like installing wind-farms in Garowe, Infrastructure building with roads being created everywhere, strong base of local/diaspora base of elites, a reliable peace model enforced by clan-elders,. Will they just abadon that and go to Galmudug sitting in a hotel room in cadaado and it's mess!!!!:ileycry:

Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
If galmudug returns a blockade on you punanis again, from bososo to galkayo you would go extinct:damedamn:

Your "economic city" ran out of basic food in matter of days after galmudug blocked it's borders after you guys tried that shit on galmudug.

so behalf and don't act like you're something you're not:gucciwhat:
If galmudug returns a blockade on you punanis again, from bososo to galkayo you would go extinct:damedamn:

Your "economic city" ran out of basic food in matter of days after galmudug blocked it's borders after you guys tried that shit on galmudug.

so behalf and don't act like you're something your not:gucciwhat:
You were the one crying when we implemented the custom. PL is happy to implement that again. Infact all your fighting was really based on that and nothing else, your business community knew they would get rorted by mogadishu because mogadishu would know you have no where else to go because PL placed a custom office. Infact PL enjoyed so much peace when that was done, it was very effective. It's a shame it was taken down!!!
I wish we had something like this in PL. It would eliminate all the people smuggling explosives, weapons, people, etc into the state.

Just imagine we had a few of these beauties strategically located around the state. One in Galkayo. One In Tukaraq. One in New Badhan Road.

Or even this, how expensive would this be? not very much!!!

We could place this strategically across all our border points and have cars go by slowly while it scans it's cargo!!!. We can get the people to come outside for a body-scanner using the cheap ones from the hotels. Wallahi our security would be rock-hard!!!

PS: I say we need these at all border points because what can happen is, they can collect the weapons, explosives they want from other towns in PL if it's only a one scan stop. If we had these at Badhan, Galkayo, Tukaraq. That would externally eliminate them. We could place on for Bosaso also. Basically re-scan them everytime they enter a major town!!!
Security is multi-layered approach not a single layered approach as PL and Somalia is generally taking. They rely on the people to help them as you seen that's basically all they rely on. Security has to be multi-layered. You need to use checkpoints for example for scanning capabilities to eliminate external threats from entering the region by using technology for example. You need a highly equipped intelligence service running around among the people targetting all the potential areas where weapons, explosive devices are bought or made and placing a intelligence officer there watching for suspicious activities or purchases, monitoring the financial hawalas for suspicious transfers of funds, monitoring mosques, schools, tea-shops for suspicious behaviors. On top of all that then you also set up hotlines for people to report any suspicious behaviors. Notice it's about layer after layer. Security is about closing holes.

I wish we get a new age thinker to run PL and no more of these soviet era throwbacks. We need someone who can figure out what this will cost and begin figuring out a funding approach either through our donor partners, international friends, or local fundraising or a mix of both!!! We really need the dhalinyaro generation to run puntland now, no more oldies or throwbacks from yesteryear. We are fighting an enemy today that is mainly dhalinyaro, to place an old person into that office, the dhalinyaro will be 10 times ahead of him. We must respond in 2019 and elect an osman maxamud that is 'dhalinyaro'.
I bet our investigation departments are useless. We need to study these extremist tactics, see why an attack happened and where the hole was in our security. We need to develop an archive of every attack that has happened and see if there is patterns occurring and if there is respond to it. We must always send a study team to other regions of Somalia also especially our investigation department to study how an attack happened there and see if it is possible it could occur in PL if we share the same weakness!!!

These guys are not undefeatable but it needs a clear cut strategic tactic level approach. War is strategy!!!! And we seem not to have one to be quite honest. All we do is respond by attacking them once they attacked us, that is not how it's done. Like I said save yourselves the time in 2019 and get your MP and clan elders to get a young person to run this state. No more oldies!!! we have seen their track record and it's not great!!!!


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