Puntland & Galmudug hold peace talks in Galkacyo

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@Armadillo, I'll first be visitting Bosaso next summer, gradually moving east exploring many settlements across the coast. I will be visiting Caluula and the ruins of the famous majerteen sultanate, xaafuun, iskushuban, bargaal, bender bayla, qandala, garacad and more.


Can't forget the famous ruins of the dervish state in eyl



You are my weakness
Maymuun is that you?

Horta why did you come up with old ladies names? Maymuun, batuulo? :icon lol:
Dead!!!!!! Abaayo I beg let me work in peace loooool.
Btw Maymuun was the crazy one and Batuulo waa habar maskiin ah. She tries to get out of hand now and then, let's just hope y'all don't bump into each other ;) . Oh, I love old Somali names.
Why even hold peace talks with the moryaans to begin with, we can easily annex baraxley if needed and here is how to do it from military perspective.

Let Morgan be in charge of a unit that will be made of
  • The darwish ground forces
  • The psf special forces
  • The marine
  • And the police
Bring heavy armaments on the outskirts of baraxley, that is artilary, tanks and the BM-21 grad.
Place the grads and tank to the east near the airport and anothe two grads and a tank to west of garsoor.

Begin heavy shelling and bombardment of baraxley continuously for 48 hours and drop barrel bombs twice after every 12 hours using the marine plane in bosaaso (this will cause confusion and panic).

After heavy shelling and bombardments of baraxley General Morgan should send in ground troops, tanks and the grad should cover whenever any resistance comes.

The ground troops should do house to house searching and kill any man of military aged moryaan. I guarantee you we could annex baraxley within 7 days and the mission is accomplished.
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